How do I subscribe? 

Very easily. Simply click “Read New Issue” on the homepage.  Enter your e-mail address and voilá, you’re in. There’s no charge. As each issue becomes available, you’ll get a message in your inbox. Just click and enjoy. Long walk to mailbox not included.

How do I read the magazine? 

When you click on the “Read New Issue” link on the homepage, you can choose whether to download the issue for reading offline (while trolling for giant tuna or anchored off Catalina Island, for example, or at 35,000 feet) or read it on the web-based reader without loading it onto your hard drive.

How do I change my e-mail address? 

You can change your e-mail address by clicking here and entering the new one in the subject line.

What will Classic Yacht do with my e-mail address? 

Not much.  We don’t share your e-mail address with anyone but our database manager.  We will only use it to send you a reminder when each new issue is available.


Will back issue archives be available? For free? 

Yep.  We’re on a mission to open up bookshelf space around the free world. Electronic archives don’t take up space in your cockpit locker or on your hard drive, since they’re always kept in perfect condition at www.classicyachtmag.com

How do I unsubscribe from Classic Yacht? 

My buddy “Big Timmy” here says you want to unsubscribe? Huh. Timmy doesn’t think you really wanna do that. But if you really do, you can click the link on any automated e-mail reminder you'll get from us.  We won’t say a thing to Big Timmy.

How do I advertise in Classic Yacht? 

You can contact the sales office at 904.671.5033 or advertising@classicyachtmag.com

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