Classic Yacht has married the look and editorial substance of a world-class magazine with all of the advantages the internet provides. Online distribution of Classic Yacht magazine allows us to reach an unlimited number of boat owners around the world.

We accept the same display ads as traditional print magazines, but our advertising rates are less than half of theirs since there's no paper, ink or delivery truck.

Submit the same ad you've already prepared for print. Or we'll design an ad for you at a nominal cost. We'll publish it in Classic Yacht and link it directly to your website or online storefront with one click. Each ad in each issue remains permanently linked to your website for as long as your web address remains unchanged.

  • Display ads are less than half the cost of traditional paper magazines
  • Display ads can include video; a marketing solution no paper magazine can deliver
  • Online distribution allows for unlimited number of readers worldwide via social media
  • Your ad can be seen on mobile devices and is permanently linked to your website and/or email address
  • Get noticed on Google search results with NO pay-per-click! Leverage our subscribers, Twitter and Facebook followers to grow your business

Call 727.403.1611 or email us at to learn more about your advertising options, or to request a media kit!

This is what readers and advertisers have to say about Classic Yacht:

"This is the quintessential 'online magazine' for classic boat owners. Not only is the content engaging, informative and entertaining, but the design of the online edition is exactly what the future of online magazines should be. Incredible."
- Rob Cutchins, Public Relations Chairman, The Chris Craft Commander Club

"You guys have the classiest online magazine for boaters. Great articles, great photography, and better ad placement!"
- Bill Blackmore Owner, St. Croix Davits

"Classic Yacht online magazine is SO DA****D GOOD! Congratulations, I'm completely impressed."
- Ed McKnew, Author, PowerBoat Guide & TrailerBoat Guide

"You manage to bring yachting to life better than any magazine I have seen. The videos are compelling and make me feel like I am watching an all-boats version of the History Channel."
- Nigel Cunningham, Reader

Call 727.403.1611 or email us at to learn more about your advertising options, or to request a media kit!

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